Kathal funny moive official trailer released on Netflix 2022

Welcome I hope you guys are happy and enjoying your life nowadays millions of people search for movies where two industries are very popular namely Indian Bollywood industry and Bollywood industry.

Kathal funny moive official trailer released on Netflix 2022 

 When it comes to movies, people search according to their choice. There are many categories of movies, among them there are love stories, action movies, documentary movies, along with many other categories.

 When it comes to Indian movies, there is alot of Names Heroes come to people's minds like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, but at the same time, when we talk about funny movies, many actors come to people's minds, but among these people today, we Talking about famous cricketer and artistic actor Rajpal Yadav.

 The trailer of the new Bollywood movie has been released on Netflix, the story of which is very funny. When I saw the trailer, I enjoyed it very much. After that, I decided to write an article on this story. More interestedR is cheese.

 The story of this movie is about a kitla which is a product and these bridges of this tree become very big and many people check about it because people think when they see it. They are very big and people fall behind them. Rajpal Yadav's character in this film is based on a journalist and his face and look are very amazing. 

There is another character in the story of the film who informs the police to come to our house when those people comeAnd when they see his house, they think that someone has stolen from there, but when he asks them what happened, they say that in our house, cuttlefish, which is a fruit, is very are grown up and they put up his picture on the walls in the bazaar because in his mind they are a much rarer wonder.

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