Hellbound season two announcement on Netflix.

Hellbound season two announcement on Netflix.

 Hellbound ::

Hellbound is one of the famous moive on Netflix which millions of people are watching it day by day ,so due to the audience retention so the team decide to make another season on it so it's second official trailer has been released on the Netflix YouTube channel .

Hellbound season two :: The hellbound season two will be started again and it's such a thrilling moments for his audience for the upcoming new season so it's official trailer which is based on the horror type and the boy which is half untill to his abdomen surviving in the glass kind of tube and he is trying to escape from there BCS its a like a prison for him and he's tried and escape himself from there but further his body showing some fire which means that's he's type of some horror boy which in the second he's tried to change his shape .

So it's doesn't decide further story but the first trailer showed that's it's just will be like a horrible season ,later the story will be uploaded on the Netflix and it's just a trailers review .

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