Top five 5 upcoming Bollywood movies an April 2022 Netflix torrent moives 2022

 Top five Bollywood movies an April 2022 

So welcome back to another new blog so I'm today I'm going to surprise you about the top five upcoming moives an April which maked audience to be waited that's are the top 5 moives which belongs to top 5 super stars of the Hollywood industry that's will be relase on this April 2022 .

Top five 5 upcoming Bollywood movies an April 2022 Netflix torrent moives 2022
Top five 5 upcoming Bollywood movies an April 2022 Netflix torrent moives 2022 

Top five moives 

Number one moive name 

Herpanti 2 ;:

I guess you will be watched the first entry moive of the tiger shroff to bollywood which has take step strongly on this moive and make him as a superstar and this moives was released in the 2015 so it's second chapter moive name is heropanti moive 2 and this will be released as soon as possible .in this moive the hero rule are obeying by tiger shroff which is the son of jiggi shroff which is also the big root of the Bollywood movies industry .

This moive is coming with the best story and it's somehow linked with the first moive of the tiger shroff and the villan role performing by nawaz uddin siddique .it's trailer was released and it's final moive releasing date are not fixed .

Number two moive name 

Attack ::

The attack moive trailer are released and the moive will be also released as soon as possible but this moive belong to the forces history and it's story is kind of thrilling and it's hero acting role are performing by John ibraham in the short term of journey he is write his name in the Bollywood movies industry in the top list hero's and this movie is related to the forces history and the John ibraham is looked in this moive in the uniform of soldier .

Number three moive name

Daswi :. 

The moive is maked on the education and politician based which the central minister pass his matriculation in the jail .the hero of this moive is Abhishek bachan the son of the famous Bollywood superstar amitab bachan and it's fully make on the politician base and he did some crimes so he went to the jail and then his wife was take care of his post after him and this moive is recently released on the Netflix on the 7th April .

Number 4 moive name 

Jersey ::

This is the new moive of the Shahid Kapoor and it's his last second which is releasing after 3 years and it's categoriesd on the sport base which the Shahid Kapoor look like a batsman .this moive will be released on the upcoming 14th April and on the same day the superhit moive KGF chapter2 is also going to be released .

Number 5 moive name 

Runway 34 

This is the upcoming moive of the hit superstar of Ajay devgon which is maked on the pilot project and the other famous persons like Amit bachan is also looked in this movie and this story is really interesting BCS the plane is caught by a bad weather and finally he land his plane safely and then he is visited by investigation by Amit bachan .

The leading role and producer of this moive is his Ajay devgon so let's to the 29th April to release this moive .

So this is top moives of Bollywood which will be going to release in this month .

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