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the family man

It was one of those days.

Srikant Tiwari, spy extraordinaire, had just returned home from his day at the office- which mostly consisted of drinking gallons of coffee and being yelled at by his boss. His wife with her scowl still firmly set on her face greeted him as he walked in through the door. "How was your day?" she asked sharply, never raising her voice but somehow making it clear that she didn't really care about his answer.

He shrugged off the question with a sigh before slumping into the couch next to where she stood glaring down at him disapprovingly. And then they sat there for what seemed like an eternity - Srikant cursing himself for not having said anything
Srikant Tiwari sat in the corner of a dark room with his hands clasped tightly as he waited for his next mission. It was hard to believe that this man once aspired to be an artist, but now all he could think about were the people at home and what they might need from him. Srikant recalled how his life changed when he received a call from India’s National Intelligence Agency asking if he would like to join their special cell – it had been nearly ten years since Srikant had been able to say “yes” without hesitation. He remembered being so excited when they told him that their new project just might have global implications. The details of the plans were top secret though,

Being a spy is hard, but being a father and husband is harder. 

Srikant Tiwari has to be the best secret agent in India, but he's also got his hands full as a family man. How can he balance all of this? 

This series will help you make sense of what it means to be a good person and still get things done without letting your loved ones down. It’s one part action-adventure story, one part comedy, and two parts inspiration for anyone who wants to take on more than they think they can handle. The Family Man Season 1 Hindi Series Download Torrent Free Full HD 720p from here!

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