9 Netflix Tricks That You Probably Didn't Know


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Netflix is a great way to kill time, but it can be hard to find something you'll like. These 9 tricks will help you get more out of your Netflix experience by allowing you download content for offline viewing, finding specific episodes from TV shows and even torrenting the entire series!

It is also possible to customize your subtitles in Netflix so that you don't have to read while watching. You can choose different colors, fonts, sizes and more for subtitles right from your browser or phone (if you're watching on mobile). This way, when you want to watch something at night without waking up others around you, it's easy if they are closed captioned instead of having no background noise whatsoever which would make them likely wake up too! It works best with kids who need things spelled out pretty simply because there isn't much time for reading fast like there would be if it were an adult show.
Netflix download and torrenting options make it easy to watch shows offline or download them for later which is great, but you may also want subtitles on your videos depending on the time of day and who's around you! Customizing your subtitles can help with this as well by allowing you choose different colors, fonts, sizes and more all from within Netflix without having to close out of a video once its playing like some other programs require. This works best for kids because they don't have time to read fast like adults do which means simple words spelled out are easier than trying to quickly read through something that might not even be appropriate based off where kids are in their schooling too (i.e.- middle school).

1. You can download Netflix shows to watch offline

2. You can use the 'Netflix Roulette' feature for a random show recommendation

3. The "Play Next Episode" button will automatically play the next episode in a series

4. If you're looking for something that's related to your favorite movie or TV show, type it into the search bar and Netflix will find what you're looking for 

5a. Searching by genre is also an option (i.e., comedy) 

6a. There are some hidden categories on Netflix - like “Tear-Jerker” or “Thrillers” - if you want more specific recommendations

7a. If you don't like what you see while browsing through genres, there's always 'Random Play,' which will randomly select a new title every time you click it until it gets tired of picking titles and just goes back to your home screen again 

8a. And last but not least, there's always 'My List,' where all your favorite movies and TV shows are saved so they'll be easy to find when they're needed most!

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