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Firewatch is a first-person computer game of the American game developer Camposanto. The plot of the game is set shortly after the fires in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming in 1988. It is the first video game to the publisher Panic and for the developer Camposanto.
Henry begins in 1989 in Wyoming a job as a fire guard on after his wife shows first signs of Alzheimer’s. On his first day he is of Delilah, another fire Guardian, with whom he communicates only through radio, sent to an illegal fire two drunken teenager girl. On his way back to the watchtower, he meets a stranger, which, however, as soon as he is noted disappears. When he arrives at his watchtower, this has been totally devastated, as if it had been searched.
The next day Delilah asks him to check a broken phone line for damage. He finds out that the telephone line has been cut, and also signs of that it is probably the young girls were. Henry and Delilah hatch a plan to scare the girls. When he wants to, but carry him, he finds the storage bin and the tent of the girl before completely devastated. Both are nervous if something bad might have happened. A note on her tent accused Henry of stealing her things.
Henry finds an old backpack with the things of someone named Brian, who (an alcoholic) recorded Delilah and his father Ned earlier once the fire guard. Normally it is forbidden his children to be brought in the watchtower, but Delilah had then unreported Brian presence. One day Brian and Ned left suddenly the Watchtower and never came back.
The two young girls were reported missing. To avoid a penalty, reports Delilah that neither Henry nor Delilah met the girl. The next day, Henry found the lake a clipboard with a transcript of his conversations with Delilah. He is struck shortly thereafter powerless by an unknown person. When he wakes up, the clipboard is gone. On a meadow, which was mentioned on the clipboard, he finds a fenced area by the government. He breaks into these and finds a small monitoring station in which his and Delilah’s conversations are recorded in detail.
Henry and Delilah briefly discuss about burn the station, but choose not to. When Henry wants to return to his watchtower, someone set fire to the monitoring station. He used a tracking device, which he took from the monitoring station. He found a backpack with a key to a cave. Shortly after Delilah reports and reports that someone is in Henry’s watchtower. As Henry gets there, he finds a Walkman with a recording of the conversation between Delilah and him, which seem leaves it as if he had started the fire in the monitoring station.
When Henry increases in the closed cavity, someone closes the door behind him. When he leaves the cave, he finds Brians old hiding place, in which a climbing equipment is. With this he gets deeper into the cave and finds the body of Brian. Delilah makes himself accusations that they had to live with his father in the watchtower Brian then.
The next day the fire is out in the monitoring station out of control and all watchtowers have to be evacuated. When Henry grabs his things, the tracking device will start beeping and he follows the signal. He found a cassette of Ned. This explains Ned that he did not want to civilization (after a climbing accident with his son Brian) back. Henry finds Ned’s camp along with all the stolen items from the girls and from his watchtower. Delilah informed about Henry that the two missing girls were doing well. The monitoring station was just there to watch animals. But Ned had this monitoring station made his own to make sure that no one finds him and to expel Henry. Delilah accused Ned, of being responsible for Brian’s death and leaves her watchtower by helicopter. She tells him to return to his wife. When he goes to Delilah’s watchtower to be picked up there by the rescue team, he says goodbye by radio from Delilah.

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System Requirments
OS: Windows 7 or higher 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 450 or higher with 1GB Memory
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space
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